Who Need Superhero When You Have A BROTHER

Who Need Superhero When You Have A BROTHER

A brother is like a comfortable closet for your wardrobe. He may not the fancy one but they are always there when you need the comfort most. दोस्तों भाई के बिना हमारी लाइफ बोरिंग हो जाती है, भाई के होते हुए आप कभी बोर नहीं होते ना ही किसी मुसीबत में खुद को अकेला महसूस करते हो। आईये जानते है why having a brother is a great fun 🙂

  • You Grew Up With Your Very Own Bodyguard


  • You’Ve Built Up a Resistance To Annoying Things


  • He Gives You a Reason To Be Wild And Crazy


  • You Have The Perfect Scapegoat 😉


  • You Have Someone There To Teach You The Important Things In Life!!!


  • All Those Family Get-Togethers Are Much More Bearable Now!!!


  • He’s Your Number One Fan!!!


  • He Always Knew How To Make You Laugh!!!


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